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Doll Project

Doll pattern and fabric.

Doll pattern and fabric.


One thing I love to do is make doll patterns and dolls. It suddenly dawned on me that fox girl had not received her doll. I know she is more an animal person than a doll person and she has dozens of dolls, whole collections of Bratz, Barbies, Monster High, Disney Princes, all in multiple sizes plus lots of Polly Pockets, and miniature dolls that go with bugs and animals of all sizes. The one thing she didn’t need was yet another doll. But on the other hand she couldn’t be the only one of my girls not to have a soft, handmade doll. After the panic to get the fox dress done, nothing would do but I would burn the midnight oil to made a doll for her.

Since she had spent hours sitting in my lap “helping” and watching while I did all the drawings for my book, I thought it was time Lexi came to life. It was a huge gamble that she wouldn’t care, but for me I love to make dolls and this was a great excuse to make another one.

So I dug out my pattern, the fabric and I was off and running. Sweet Hubs was just shaking his head in disbelief that I would take on such a project with so little time available and I only had ten days to do it. That is ten days that were all fill to overflowing with work, housework, decorating, cookie making parties, dinners, guests, etc. Oh and let’s not forget a daily photo blog commitment plus and occasional post here and wanting to keep up with all of your blogs.

Parts growing.

Parts growing.

Unfortunately, I didn’t even think about taking many progress photos. So you will see in the next photo that I did get the parts cut, sewn, stuffed and mostly together.

A doll in progress.

The headless doll is nearly ready for her head.

And she needed a bit more stuffing before the head was attached.

Doll has her head attached.

Head attached.

The next three steps are to add her face and give her a haircut and make underwear before the next photo.

The doll has a face and underwear.

Meet Lexi. I hope you recognize her from my blog icon.

Here is Lexi waiting for her new clothes.

The doll is named Lexi and she is finished.

Lexi is finished.

Now to make a dress and shoes for her. If only I had been able to take Monday off work, but I couldn’t and I realized that Lexi would likely not have shoes.

The doll has a dress that matches the young girl's dress.

Lexi in her Fox dress.

No shoes but a dress just like the girl’s dress. And in case you are wondering, while managing to applique a fox on a child’s dress was time-consuming and tedious, the smaller the applique the harder they are to do. To say this doll dress took hours would be accurate.

Wish I could tell you that my granddaughter loved it all, but that would be stretching the truth. Oh, she was sweet and gracious and would never hurt my feelings intentionally. She did not like the denim because it was shiny with silver threads, she doesn’t like dolls nearly as much a foxes. She knows it’s special, but I could tell it’s not really her thing, now. I had a ton of fun making it. Maybe she’ll let me borrow it.

Little girl with doll.

My sweet granddaughter with Lexi on New Year’s eve.

Little Granddaughter’s pajamas just happened to coordinate with Lexi’s new dress. The new black boots were too small.

My Christmas present was a NEW SEWING & EMBROIDERY machine!!! So some new clothes for Lexi was a great way to try it out. It’s my first computerized sewing machine and it takes a bit of a learning curve, but I LOVE it!! No excuses now not to get some projects finished up.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. Thank you dear friends for sharing yourselves with me through this past year. It is wonderful to have friends all over the world.

Cheers to new friendships,






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The Fox Girl’s Dress

My youngest granddaughter is in love with foxes. All kinds of foxes, fox books, fox photos, fox YouTube videos and fox toys. She lives and breathes foxes. In October my lovely daughter-in-law  sent me a message, “wouldn’t Greta love this dress? Could you make it for her for Christmas?” There was a photo attached of a little girl’s dress with a fox applique. My reply, “Absolutely! I’m on it.”

Finding the time was a challenge plus there were no patterns. So right after Thanksgiving I dashed to the store and bought fabric. Since my granddaughter loves blue, I decided on a blue sparkle denim for the dress, orange fleece with black velveteen for legs and white fur for the face, tummy and tip of the tail.

I sketched a rough drawing of a fox on my computer and printed it, jiggly lines and all. Shaped it up with felt pen, created pattern pieces and plunged in. Here are some of the photos of the process.

A sketch of a fox.

Jiggly rough sketch.

I told you it was rough, you probably didn’t think this rough, but this is where I started.

Pattern pieces were created from the sketch.

Fox smoothed out and pattern pieces for the three fabrics were created.

It’s quite amazing how smoothing the lines with felt pen and then making a pattern piece for each color shows there is promise in this fox.

Fabric pieces for the dress and the fox applique.

Here are the fabrics I chose to make this little dress.

You can see this fox will be fuzzy and soft and close to the right colors of a red fox.

wFoxDress-AppliquedThe fox appliqued onto the dress piece.

Blue denim dress with a red fox applique.

The blue denim dress with one fox appliqued onto it.

Since I couldn’t find a black or orange or white tee-shirt with 3/4 length or long sleeves in a size six and the only simple tee was in hot pink, I added bright pink facings, and appliqued pink flowers with orange centers by the foxes feet. On the bodice I added a bright pink butterfly with a fuzzy orange body. I also found a three pack of leggings any one of them would be adorable with the dress. I was set for Christmas.

I was sure she would love it. But then I knew she also needed a hand-made doll wearing the matching dress, something I had done for each of my daughters and my oldest granddaughter. It was one week before Christmas. It is year-end at work. The pressure was on. My priorities shifted, no Facebook, no blogging, just make the doll and dress, in the evenings, after dinner.

Once I knew I had to do it, I wouldn’t sleep if I didn’t get started. As it turned out, I didn’t sleep, much.




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Total Random Thoughts

Random #1:  The Opposite of Shadow

The master bath has frosted glass, giving up-close views out the window, creating a screen so we do not need either blinds or curtains, and letting in a lot of light. Yesterday I was up early and the sun broke through the fog and presented this picture on the wall.

My first view of the opposite of shadow.

It took me a moment to figure out where the light was coming from, add to the strange illusion is the angle of the sun and the strange upward angle of the wall. Beneath the angled wall is an alcove which provides a place for a storage chest in the bathroom.

Light play has created the Opposite of Shadow

From a different angle it remains an intriguing photo.

Opposite of Shadow Pimped out with Reflections

The storage chest is glass-topped. It doubled up the image.

Opposite of Shadow with Reflection and Shadow of Flowers

It didn’t take long for the sun to add more light which high-lighted the vase of flowers, showcased the reflections, and added a shadow from the flowers. That is a lot of play from the sun coming through a window.

Random #2:  Cats and Christmas

For those of you with animals they do sense the excitement of the holidays. It begins subtly enough. For us a new book The Christmas Village*  (see asterisk at end of post) written by a friend had just arrived and was sitting on the counter. Our cat Duke, also known as the ruler of the house, spied the book and was more than a little interested. I picked it up to read and he kept head butting me until I had to set it down.


When are  you going to read it to me?? We can sit on the sofa by the fire. Let’s go. Let’s go, seemed to be his attitude as he zipped off the make himself comfy on the sofa and he waited. Ran back and forth between the kitchen and sofa meowing at me on each trip.  He repeated that several times until I went in sat down and petted him.  I got into the book by the first couple of pages and quickly read the first few chapters.

Random #3:  The Tree

Hubs came home with a tree. Duke and the other two cats were excited. Hubs got it set up and Duke was not exactly happy. He approached cautiously and was not impressed. Clearly something was wrong.

You sure this is the right tree? Kind of skinny don't you think?

Duke was clearly concerned. Where exactly were the ornaments supposed to hang? How could he climb up into the tree and unhook all the ornaments and drop them on the floor when it was shaped like this? Something is very wrong here, although it does have that wonderful noble fir flavored water at the base. Our, we three cats’,  favorite flavor.

I don't trust what you are doing with that twig thing you call a tree.

Duke is very serious and keeping his eye on things. Will they get better? Are we stuck with this?

Random #4: Diversions

This is a fun diversion, though one I probably should not have tackled right this week. I had mentioned that we had fallen well behind with housework and home projects while mom was sick and all our available time was devoted to her, a job we both were happy to do. However, in October of 2010 I had made a list of jobs to tackle. The only job I had actually completed was a Halloween fairy costume for my little granddaughter.

The list was filled with little things like mending, making curtains for the small guest room, and sprucing up the look; all remained untouched on my TODO list. All were supposed to begin as soon as the bathroom was finished and we anticipated completing that a year ago. We got the bathroom finished last weekend and I moved onto my list and started with the curtains. After they were finished, there was quite a bit of fabric left over. I got to looking at this pretty, random, one way strip and thought about the possibility of turning those into quilt squares.

Distractions, scraps from re-purposed new curtains in guest bedroom.

Before I could stop it, my brain had gone off into diversionary randomness, contemplated the number of patterns that could be completed  and lo and behold a new quilt is in progress. But what could I do, I had been unable to come close to a compatible color and was tired of returning things. For the moment, I do have to pick up the pieces and it’ll have to hide out for a few days. After the lunch on Sunday which has grown to 23 or more, I will be finishing up the quilt.

Random #5: The Road Less Traveled

And last but not least I saw how beautiful the sky was last Friday. It was  in the morning and the sun was penetrating the fog and clouds  on The Road Less Traveled.  A simple and blissful scene for you to meditate with.

Amazing blue sky on The Road Less Traveled

Thanks for stopping by. I love getting your comments.

G’ Day


* The Christmas Village, written by Melissa Ann Goodwin, was just published in Aug to great reviews. It is for middle school kids, but has appeal to adults and young children as a family story. Just right to snuggle on the sofa and read aloud to all. I purchased mine from Amazon and can hardly wait to share it with my grandchildren.

When our children were young our Christmas tradition was to all sit together on the sofa while Hubs read The Night Before Christmas, The Nativity Story of Christmas, and Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Afterwards we hung up stockings and we had cookies and hot cocoa. Perhaps we’ll be starting a new tradition this year with the grandchildren.


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