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Bird Song and Frog Chorus

In the Dusk of Evening

In the Dusk of Evening

In the dusk of evening the music begins

With the twilight song of the birds

Most likely a robin with a beautiful song

Singing praises to the world for day well spent.

As the sun descends further the frogs join in

Each calling for a mate to come and join him.

Those are the sounds that lull us to sleep,

My sweetheart and I.

First Morning Light

First Morning Light

The peace of the world settles in at last

And waits for the sunrise to bring forth a new day.

The morning awakens us  with the song of a dove, a sparrow,

the chickadee too, and finches and towhees adding their tune

The robin once more praises a new day with her song on high,

Get up, wake up, there is much to do, come greet the morning

Be glad, for this grand new day is waiting for us,

My amazing guy, my best friend, my love and I.

SL Schildan

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Such a lovely poem, I couldn’t help but share this.

With apologies to Renae, because in the re-blog the formatting was lost. There is no punctuation and each capital letter is the beginning of a new line.

Nae's Nest

Life is bursting with flavor

One can easily find

How it stimulates the mind

Giving us something delicious to savor

The colors of time

The shades of memory

To recall is such a pleasure

Like finding a pirate’s treasure

Life is bursting with traditions

Handed down through the generations

Giving the eye it many colors

Giving the world such a beautiful face

Open your eyes for the first time

Look at the old woman sitting in the park

Gray hair askew

She tosses feed to the birds

Listen closely to hear her coo

Her way of taking care

Of a bit of beauty

She found in her world

Yet she is unaware

Of the beauty

She has brought into mine

by Renee Robinson

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