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Bird Song and Frog Chorus

In the Dusk of Evening

In the Dusk of Evening

In the dusk of evening the music begins

With the twilight song of the birds

Most likely a robin with a beautiful song

Singing praises to the world for day well spent.

As the sun descends further the frogs join in

Each calling for a mate to come and join him.

Those are the sounds that lull us to sleep,

My sweetheart and I.

First Morning Light

First Morning Light

The peace of the world settles in at last

And waits for the sunrise to bring forth a new day.

The morning awakens us  with the song of a dove, a sparrow,

the chickadee too, and finches and towhees adding their tune

The robin once more praises a new day with her song on high,

Get up, wake up, there is much to do, come greet the morning

Be glad, for this grand new day is waiting for us,

My amazing guy, my best friend, my love and I.

SL Schildan

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The Fox Girl’s Dress

My youngest granddaughter is in love with foxes. All kinds of foxes, fox books, fox photos, fox YouTube videos and fox toys. She lives and breathes foxes. In October my lovely daughter-in-law  sent me a message, “wouldn’t Greta love this dress? Could you make it for her for Christmas?” There was a photo attached of a little girl’s dress with a fox applique. My reply, “Absolutely! I’m on it.”

Finding the time was a challenge plus there were no patterns. So right after Thanksgiving I dashed to the store and bought fabric. Since my granddaughter loves blue, I decided on a blue sparkle denim for the dress, orange fleece with black velveteen for legs and white fur for the face, tummy and tip of the tail.

I sketched a rough drawing of a fox on my computer and printed it, jiggly lines and all. Shaped it up with felt pen, created pattern pieces and plunged in. Here are some of the photos of the process.

A sketch of a fox.

Jiggly rough sketch.

I told you it was rough, you probably didn’t think this rough, but this is where I started.

Pattern pieces were created from the sketch.

Fox smoothed out and pattern pieces for the three fabrics were created.

It’s quite amazing how smoothing the lines with felt pen and then making a pattern piece for each color shows there is promise in this fox.

Fabric pieces for the dress and the fox applique.

Here are the fabrics I chose to make this little dress.

You can see this fox will be fuzzy and soft and close to the right colors of a red fox.

wFoxDress-AppliquedThe fox appliqued onto the dress piece.

Blue denim dress with a red fox applique.

The blue denim dress with one fox appliqued onto it.

Since I couldn’t find a black or orange or white tee-shirt with 3/4 length or long sleeves in a size six and the only simple tee was in hot pink, I added bright pink facings, and appliqued pink flowers with orange centers by the foxes feet. On the bodice I added a bright pink butterfly with a fuzzy orange body. I also found a three pack of leggings any one of them would be adorable with the dress. I was set for Christmas.

I was sure she would love it. But then I knew she also needed a hand-made doll wearing the matching dress, something I had done for each of my daughters and my oldest granddaughter. It was one week before Christmas. It is year-end at work. The pressure was on. My priorities shifted, no Facebook, no blogging, just make the doll and dress, in the evenings, after dinner.

Once I knew I had to do it, I wouldn’t sleep if I didn’t get started. As it turned out, I didn’t sleep, much.




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Where’s Waldo?

Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

Okay I apologize, but I had to post this photo of my daughter-in-law the mama fox and my granddaughter the fox kit. They look so cute in their little costumes and the great face paint. But the big question here is this: Were you able to find Waldo?

A close up of Waldo, the mother fox and the fox kit.

A close up of Waldo, the mother fox and the fox kit.

I thought perhaps a close up would help you find my grandson aka Waldo.

We turned the page on the calendar and that means Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before we blink. What is it with time rushing by so fast?

We have much to be thankful for simply because of where we live. I do worry about everyone one on the east coast that was affected by Hurricane Sandy. Such devastation, where are the people whose homes and everything they own are gone, going to spend the night? Will they be warm? Will they be fed? Who is there to help them tonight? How can I help them?

Until we meet again, be thankful,


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Test Result: Negative for Pertussis

Many of you commented on my previous post, some good, some bad. The good news is the test returned a negative result. The bad news the test is only 50% accurate.

The good news, by the third day on the antibiotics I was feeling better. The bad news is I still have a cough. This is a picture of how I feel. Kind of squinty-eyed from being so tired from not sleeping well with a non-stop cough.

Bear-ly Me. I'm sick and feel like a bear.

Bear-ly Me.

The best news is the number of people who have thanked me for sharing my story. They have already gotten their boosters and are spreading the word about how important it is. The vaccinations we received and completed at age six are no longer protecting us. Be proactive and get vaccinated. Protect yourself and your loved ones. Hey, be a good sport and protect the passengers on your next plane flight, or on the train, or at the restaurant, the grocery store, or where you pick up your dry cleaning.

As of Monday I am no longer contagious, if I ever was. I do wish I would bounce back to great health quickly. In the mean-time I want to share with you a happy photo. Pardon me, but I have punned a great artist and call this piece Starry Light.

Bright, colorful star lights, Starry Lights is the name of this piece.

Starry Night

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight.

Wish I may, wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight.

I’m wishing all of you good dreams and good health.




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Whooping Cough: Not a Thing of the Past

…or why I’ll miss my deadline for the book illustrations.

We all grew up knowing the dangers of whooping cough. People broke their ribs coughing so hard, infants turned blue and died from it, small children often didn’t survive and the same was true with the elderly and frail among us.

Once there was a reliable vaccine available, everyone was inoculated. After a decade or two it was completely eradicated from the United States, as were Polio, measles, mumps and chicken pox. Our only job now is to love and protect the children.

A grandfather and his granddaughter sit on the bench and watch for ducks.

Love between this grandfather and his granddaughter is evident as she hugs his knee while they sit on a bench and watch for ducks.

Then this winter pertussis, which is the actual name that scientists and doctors use for this disease, broke out in Washington USA. A beautiful green state that sits on the west coast by the Pacific Ocean and boarders British Columbia, Canada on the north.  Suddenly hundreds of children were desperately ill and hospitalized, older children exhausted from the coughing and adults spending nights sitting up coughing because the coughing gets even worse when they lay down.

Like a virus, this bacteria can live on hard surfaces for several hours.  Because it is a bacteria there are three antibiotics that can be given within the first five days that will help the sick with it recover quickly. But it is a sneaky illness. Tracing it’s roots is very difficult. It has a ten-day incubation period from the time of exposure. And then it comes on like a minor cold.

On the second day I was in Colorado Springs I had a couple of small issues. A little shortness of breath surprised me, because in previous visits the high altitude did not bother me. A slight sore throat and a little dry hackie cough were chalked up to both the high altitude and the extreme dry air. Any other tiredness was of course due to being on the go so much and too busy with family, work, photos, blogs and squeezing in time to cook, clean and work on my book illustrations.

By about day seven, I became suspicious  that even though this seemed like a garden variety cold, something else was making life miserable. Most coughs I can be stifled and as we learned as kids when we wanted to stay home one more day, could be brought on with little effort. This cough was racking my body in sieges of all muscles from hips to armpits involuntarily squeezing my mid section with force strong enough to cause the intense coughing that causes light-headedness and dizziness. The contractions are not controllable and come with enough force to also squeeze out vomit. At the same time, you are gasping for air when the next one strikes, the next gasp for air brings with it a dreadful, un-humanly sound that scared the heck out of me. I wondered where that came from. My next cough and I realized it came from me. It was the third day of a three-day holiday.

I called the doctor the following morning. An internet search told me that if it is pertussis I would be contagious until the illness was gone. The anti-biotic should still be taken even though it might be too late to help me, after five days I would no longer be a carrier. I started antibiotics yesterday. Four more days.

A father hugs his little girl and his son.

Like fathers everywhere, protecting children is his primary concern. This man would walk through burning coals to save his children. His children have received all immunizations. 

How can something that no longer exists make a return? Many statistics would point to the fact that young parents do not realize the dangers of many of the horrible children’s disease that many of us lost family and friends to. They have never seen it, their children are super-human, healthy and besides the parents don’t want their children exposed to some possible toxins in the vaccine. Don’t forget to factor in parents will fight off dragons to keep their infant from even a tiny discomfort and a few fussy days following the shot.

My last vaccination was ten years ago. The particular dose I was given did not contain the pertussis vaccine, though everyone had it assumed it had. My next vaccination is scheduled for as soon as I am well. At that point I will probably already be immune.

I am posting this, not to gain sympathy, although a few “poor baby,”s would be acceptable. I am posting this as a reminder to every one of every age, check on your immunizations. Make sure you are covered. A few days of possible little fever and a sore arm are a small price to pay not just to stay healthy but to not be an unwilling accomplice to a nasty little bacterium.

An innocent little girl needs adults to protect them from harm.

This innocent little girl is protected from many severe illnesses by immunizations. It is the job of the parents around her to love and protect her from harm, especially scary monsters, even the ones under the bed.

Hugs (virtual only of course),



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Happy! Hoppy! and Humbled!

Many of you know I also am committed to the Post a Photo a Day Challenge that is initiated by Word Press. One of the blogs I follow is a Photo Contest where both amateur and professional photographers from around the world submit incredible photos from gorgeous and exotic places…

I will get back to that in a minute. But my Totally Random Happy thoughts want to share the Hoppy photo first.

I want you to know that I know where Easter Eggs really, truly come from. They are laid by an adorable pink girl bunny. In this photo she appears to be counting the eggs as she lays them. Here is the proof.

This is where Easter Eggs come from.

Now back to the rest of the story. In the many years of my passionate obsession with taking photos I have never submitted any of my work in any competition except once and it took second place.  I have not been anywhere exotic or out the country in a couple of years but had and idea for an interesting photo taken close to home. I sent it off, and pretty much forgot it.

Today when I opened my email I saw the title of the winning photo that was chosen for today.

You can check it out here: http://photolord.com/2012/04/06/1935-mercedes-kompressor/

And this is why I am HappyHoppy and very HUMBLED today.

Egg dying is at our house is tomorrow and two extremely excited grand-kids are coming. Sometime between work today and “eggs” tomorrow I have to clean the house and get the family dinner ready. I can’t wait for everyone to be here. I love any excuse to cook for everyone and for all of us to be together.

Wishing you all a blessed Easter.



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Birds on a Line and the Moon

Pigeons settle in for the night's perched in a row on the power lines.

Many of you may have already stumbled across my 366Photo A Day WordPress challenge at  the ShezPhotoz blog. Because I am an avid photographer, I take lots of photos a day. Posting only one is a challenge. So as not to waste some photos that are best shown as a gallery, I will be posting some of my favorites here. These were taken last week.

Additionally from time to time I will pull some of my favorites out of my archives. You will notice that I have used different signatures on my photoz. I just want to assure you that if they are signed SL Schildan, Street Light Studio, (same initials) SLS Photography or are scanned and have a hand written signature of Shari Schildan, or variations, rest assured they are all photos I personally took. My signature has changed over the years. Most recently just last week I discovered someone else was using my ShezPhoto signature(with a space which can’t be used in web addresses). To reduce any confusion I went from ShezPhoto to Shezphotoz. They are all me. I told you I was random, but finally believe I have a lasting signature. No more chameleon changes for Shez.

Here is a series of photos I took that same evening I captured the birds on a line. It is not often we are treated to a kaleidoscope  of beauty in one half hour. I was lucky to be able to capture at least a part of the beauty.

As the afternoon clouds finally parted the moon was low on the horizon against a pale blue sky.

The moon played peek-a-boo in an out of the clouds. It was not always possible to get a great shot from a moving car, but a few turned out nicely.

As the clouds rolled and roiled and were just beginning to be tinged with pink, I captured the moon peeking through once again.

Then the clouds took over the show arriving like pink cotton candy.

The clouds become more intense. The show continues

The show intensified and the colors became vivid.

Sunset began as the sun slide down past the horizon, leaving one last low cloud to reflect the beauty.

As the sky darkened and the rain began again, the moon wanted one more chance to shine. It appeared for a brief half second before the storm ruled.

Please let me know what you think of the photoz. It was a gorgeous show.




March 18, 2012 · 10:29 am