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Painting Inspired by Nature

On the way home from work yesterday I had a two-minute window of time where the setting winter sun dazzled my senses with breath-taking beauty. I grabbed three cell phone photos through the car windshield while Hubs drove. I am so fascinated by the ever-changing light of the sky, I have thousands of photos of sky.Image

I had to try to paint this scene, minus the streets, the signal lights, the power pole and lines and the buildings. I needed to recreate it as though it happened while the land was still wild and free. There is nothing better than tackling a huge challenge to gain skills.

I have continued to paint a couple of nights a week and now have about a dozen paintings completed. All are inspired by what I see that nature has provided. Or what I have imagined. The following is an in-progress painting. I didn’t take a finished photo of this painting. It is shown with the brushes and colors I used throughout the painting. Nothing fancy, the three colors from which all colors are created plus white and Payne’s Grey. My water-color brushes and an old sash brush to “pad” the painting or help to blend colors.


I tackled the glorious winter sunset with the same primary colors shown above.  The only draw back to these colors is both the red and yellow a quite translucent. I have acquired an opaque yellow, which does not create clean colors but is helpful when the color needs to be vibrant and an opaque red which also does not create clean colors but works as a base layer if I want a brighter and cleaner shade. I also added a couple of acrylic brushes, but often like my water-color brushes better. It depends on the style I am working in.

The sky was done on Tuesday, re-worked a bit yesterday and the silhouettes added. The silhouettes took more work this evening and this is the finished product.

Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset

I must say that God’s work is better, but I am not too disappointed with my finished product. Painting is a great way  to spend an evening.

Have you been working on anything new or creative? Please share your project with us.

Cheers to art work,


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Bird Song and Frog Chorus

In the Dusk of Evening

In the Dusk of Evening

In the dusk of evening the music begins

With the twilight song of the birds

Most likely a robin with a beautiful song

Singing praises to the world for day well spent.

As the sun descends further the frogs join in

Each calling for a mate to come and join him.

Those are the sounds that lull us to sleep,

My sweetheart and I.

First Morning Light

First Morning Light

The peace of the world settles in at last

And waits for the sunrise to bring forth a new day.

The morning awakens us  with the song of a dove, a sparrow,

the chickadee too, and finches and towhees adding their tune

The robin once more praises a new day with her song on high,

Get up, wake up, there is much to do, come greet the morning

Be glad, for this grand new day is waiting for us,

My amazing guy, my best friend, my love and I.

SL Schildan

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Birds on a Line and the Moon

Pigeons settle in for the night's perched in a row on the power lines.

Many of you may have already stumbled across my 366Photo A Day WordPress challenge at  the ShezPhotoz blog. Because I am an avid photographer, I take lots of photos a day. Posting only one is a challenge. So as not to waste some photos that are best shown as a gallery, I will be posting some of my favorites here. These were taken last week.

Additionally from time to time I will pull some of my favorites out of my archives. You will notice that I have used different signatures on my photoz. I just want to assure you that if they are signed SL Schildan, Street Light Studio, (same initials) SLS Photography or are scanned and have a hand written signature of Shari Schildan, or variations, rest assured they are all photos I personally took. My signature has changed over the years. Most recently just last week I discovered someone else was using my ShezPhoto signature(with a space which can’t be used in web addresses). To reduce any confusion I went from ShezPhoto to Shezphotoz. They are all me. I told you I was random, but finally believe I have a lasting signature. No more chameleon changes for Shez.

Here is a series of photos I took that same evening I captured the birds on a line. It is not often we are treated to a kaleidoscope  of beauty in one half hour. I was lucky to be able to capture at least a part of the beauty.

As the afternoon clouds finally parted the moon was low on the horizon against a pale blue sky.

The moon played peek-a-boo in an out of the clouds. It was not always possible to get a great shot from a moving car, but a few turned out nicely.

As the clouds rolled and roiled and were just beginning to be tinged with pink, I captured the moon peeking through once again.

Then the clouds took over the show arriving like pink cotton candy.

The clouds become more intense. The show continues

The show intensified and the colors became vivid.

Sunset began as the sun slide down past the horizon, leaving one last low cloud to reflect the beauty.

As the sky darkened and the rain began again, the moon wanted one more chance to shine. It appeared for a brief half second before the storm ruled.

Please let me know what you think of the photoz. It was a gorgeous show.




March 18, 2012 · 10:29 am

Weather a “Safe” Topic

I always hear that the weather is a safe topic, but the news I keep reading is that our weather is anything but safe. Weather patterns around the world have shifted. It’s been blamed by everything that has happened. I am not going into any ideas of why the change, any and all or a combination could explain it.

Or it could just be the way things have always been on planet earth as we read of heat and hurricanes, volcano eruptions and violent windstorms, and ice ages with endless winters all occurring long before modern man.

So today I promise not to complain about our endless winter of last year when our tomatoes came on in August and were ready to pick in September. We had a short but beautiful summer that started at the end of August and lasted for six weeks.

There is evidence we are in a similar pattern this year. The Indian Plum which usually blooms in our yard in mid-January is just now appearing, six weeks late like last year.

Indian Plum, the first thing that blooms in our yard is six-weeks behind schedule. The leaves are the clusters reaching up, the flower clusters hang down and will be covered in tiny white blooms by tomorrow afternoon if we have another warm sunny day.

I went out with my camera phone this morning to snap a few photos of the earth reawakening. Proof that spring is about to pop.

Blueberries getting ready to bloom

Azalea buds are popping

Purple Periwinkle pops out of the pine needles to greet the bright sun.

Daffodils buds swell by the backyard steps

Leaves unfurl in the tree tops. They are much too high up for me to see. It was a fun surprise to discover their reflection in the water. Such a cool way to view the world high overhead.

The hazelnut catkins are dropping, the leaves are popping and the water iris emerge by the pond

The water lily leaves emerge from the water red, rolled and on red stems. These have just reached the surface and typically will stand six to 10 inches high before they uncurl. As they gather sunlight they lose their red color and turn the familiar deep shiny green floating on the surface.

The red leafed plum is leafing out and the tiny clusters of deep burgundy beads will soon pop into dainty pink blossoms.

I won’t complain that we have had so much rain and so little sun. I will be thankful we have had no tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis, or earth quakes. We are the lucky ones.

So that’s what’s new in our yard this beautiful late winter day.

Where did you find beauty today?


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The Big Snow Storm

The grandkids Hans (11 y/o boy) and Goldilocks (5 y/o girl) were coming for most of the weekend. We were all excited because the weatherman had been promising-teasing-hinting-suggesting we would have snow. We were hoping-wishing-anxious-bouncing (off the walls) with anticipation. Every 10 minutes someone was checking out the window or checking the temperature.

By 9pm, Goldilocks had climbed into Granddad’s lap and was asleep. By 11:30 Hans was still checking the temp and out the window when he decided maybe we should all go to bed and hope the miracle happened during the night.

At 8am, two excited kids bounced into our room to let us know it was snowing. Yes, it was. You could count the flakes as the fell, tiny little things, one or two a second. They melted on contact.

We got dressed, ready and headed out to Denny’s for breakfast. It has become a Sunday morning ritual. Hans and Goldilocks look forward to going out for Pancake Puppies when they spend the night on Saturday. Still no snow. We came home where little flurries kept teasing us all day, but never enough to even cover the ground. Then about 2:30 the big flakes fell fast and furious and within 15 minutes we had a glorious covering of snow. The sun peaked out the snow was melting in less time than it had taken to accumulate.

Goldilocks was jumping and dancing, “Come on, Grams. We gotta go play in the snow.” We grabbed our shoes and jackets and headed out. To play. To build a snowman. With less than 1/8 inch of snow on the ground; in the places there was any snow.

Come On! We Have to Play!! We Can Build a Snowman!!!

We couldn’t take time to find gloves or the snow would be gone. With nothing more than our bare hands we began to build a snowman. We rolled a big ball for the body, a smaller one for the head and then added the accessories.

Goldilocks Adds the Finishing Touches

Goldilocks took the time to pose with her first snowman of 2012. She was most proud of how he looked. She wanted to add arms, but finding such tiny sticks was a challenge. So she decreed that we built a snow cat.

Goldilocks and Her Snowman

Last but not least, a portrait of Snowman #1 2012.

And there you have it. The miracle snowman. Do you know how hard it was to find enough snow to build a snowman? We think he turned out very cute!!

At dusk he was still sitting all alone on the grass, which by then was completely green with no snow in sight. He may last through the night because the temperature dipped below the freezing mark just before dark.

Hope you had a fun day, too!


PS QUILT DISASTER For those watching for an update on the quilt, it is spelled “disaster.” I even stayed up until 1:30 this morning…stay tuned…:(


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January 3, 2012 Caught Up!

Meet my new “Header” shape photo. 

Finally, todays blog arriving today. I have discovered that my header photo does not change and it does not necessarily relate to my odd day post. To solve this  dilemma I decided to choose one header per month or so and the first image you will see daily will be a little intro, or tease, or glimpse of what is to come.

This afternoon I was treated to a gorgeous sunset. Within a time frame of about a minute about 4:37pm I was lucky to capture these photos. If you love the awesome shows put on by nature, you will love these.  They are taken facing west-southwest. The sun is never over head this time of year when the nights are long and they days are short.

There is a boost in the color as the sun sinks lower.

The colors have not had any photo adjustments. It is just the way they looked.

The clouds whirl and dance, flashing their petticoats of pinks.

The Sky is Kicking Up the Colors

The pastel colors were directly west the sun is in our southern sky this time of year.

The colors flash behind the strong black silhouette of a bold tree.

Experimental photography, I deleted them except for this one, a simple case of if you have seen one you have seen them all.The darkness is overtaking the brilliance. In another 5 seconds the show is over.


Let me know what you think about our sunset. What kind of sunset did you have on January 3, 2012?

I wish you a great day tomorrow. Thank you for checking in. I love hearing from you. I even like it if you have a suggestion on how I can improve my blog, don’t hesitate to share your advise.





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