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Being Green

I did not write this, it came to me via email, but I am old enough to remember this clearly.  The photos are my cell phone photos that I took today to go with with fun piece. I added personal comments in green throughout. 

Bright green recycle poster

This sign is required to be posted in our place of business. Did it use paper and ink plus gas for a young lady to drive to us, inspect our building, go through our trash can and hand us this poster? Did I mention we had been recycling for 13 years at work? She found a pop can in our trash and gave us a 15 minute lecture. Perhaps someone, it could even have been a truck driver from out of state, mistakenly thought the small recycling container would be the trash because the large container is should be the one for recycling. That could easily happen since at our homes we have small trash containers and huge recycling containers.


Checking out at the store, the young cashier  suggested to the much older
woman, that she should bring her own grocery bags because plastic bags
weren’t good for the environment.
The woman apologized and explained, “We didn’t have this ‘green thing’
back in my earlier days.”
The young clerk responded, “That’s our problem today Your generation did
not care enough to save our environment for future generations.”
She was right — our generation didn’t have the ‘green thing’ in its day.
Back then, we returned milk bottles, soda bottles and beer bottles to the
store. The store sent them back to the plant to be washed and sterilized and
refilled, so it could use the same bottles over and over. So they really
were recycled.
But we didn’t have the “green thing” back in our day.
Grocery stores bagged our groceries in brown paper bags, that we reused for
numerous things, most memorable besides household garbage bags, was the use
of brown  paper bags as book covers for our schoolbooks. This was to ensure
that public property, (the books provided for our use by the school) was not
defaced by our scribblings. Then we were able to personalize our books on
the brown paper bags.
But too bad we didn’t do the “green thing” back then.
(There was almost no plastic, our bread came wrapped in waxed paper, which were opened up, cut in squares and used to wrap our sandwiches.And also to keep the irons gliding smoothly over the damp, starched fabric of our clothes)
We walked up stairs, because we didn’t have an escalator in every store and
office building. We walked to the grocery store and didn’t climb into a
300-horsepower machine every time we had to go two blocks.
But she was right. We didn’t have the “green thing” in our day.
Back then, we washed the baby’s diapers because we didn’t have the throwaway
kind. We dried clothes on a line, not in an energy-gobbling machine burning
up 220 volts — wind and solar power really did dry our clothes back in our
early days. Kids got hand-me-down clothes from their brothers or sisters,
not always brand-new clothing.
But  that young lady is right; we didn’t have the “green thing” back in our
Back then, we had one TV, or radio, in the house — not a TV in every room.
And the TV had a small screen the size of a handkerchief (remember them?),
not a screen the size of the state of Montana . In the kitchen, we blended
and stirred by hand because we didn’t have electric machines to do
everything for us. When we packaged a fragile item to send in the mail, we
used wadded up old newspapers to cushion it, not Styrofoam or plastic bubble
wrap. Back then, we didn’t fire up an engine and burn gasoline just to cut
the lawn. We used a push mower that ran on human power. We exercised by
working so we didn’t need to go to a health club to run on treadmills that
operate on electricity.
Recycle box with recycle-able paper.

Paper recycling very light weight cardboard box container under my desk was brought in to replace the heavy-duty recycled cardboard box I had used for several years. It was had for me to grasp the concept of yet another box when the one I used had been working perfectly.

But she’s right; we didn’t have the “green thing” back then.
We drank from a fountain when we were thirsty instead of using a cup or a
plastic  bottle every time we had a drink of water. We refilled writing pens
with ink instead of buying a new pen, and we replaced the razor blades in a
razor instead of throwing away the whole razor just because the blade got
But we didn’t have the “green thing” back then.
Back then, people took the streetcar or a bus and kids rode their bikes to
school or walked instead of turning their moms into a 24-hour taxi service
in the family’s $45,000 SUV or van, which cost what a whole house did before
the “green thing.” We had one electrical outlet in a room, not an entire
bank of sockets to power a dozen appliances.
And we didn’t need a computerized gadget to receive a signal beamed from
satellites 23,000 miles out in space in order to find the nearest burger
Bright green poster attached to the lid of a recycle container.

Our very own special recycling container which replaced the large recycle bins that served multiple businesses.

But isn’t it sad that the current generation laments how wasteful we old folks
were just because we didn’t have the “green thing” back  then?
Please forward this on to another selfish old person who needs a lesson in
conservation from a smartass young person…
We don’t like being old in the first place, so it doesn’t take much to piss
us off…especially from a tattooed, multiple pierced smartass who can’t
make change without the cash register telling them how much.

The end !
There is so much truth to this, but I for one applaud having a cell phone, permanent press clothes out of the dryer and I love my computer. I do think we could make this a better world if we embraced the ways we each can recycle and keep junk out of the landfill and keep people slimmer and healthier with all the walking. However walking to work wouldn’t be good, unless I lived much closer.
So with thanks to an unknown writer and apologies for not being able to credit the right person, I hope you enjoy this and it brings back memories if you are one of the older among us. If you are one of the younger among us, perhaps you can learn something from history, or your elders and stop rolling your eyes, really it worked.


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The Wake

It seems like there are days that life just throws a lot of curve balls and I can deal with that, it’s when they are grouped together and become weeks, overlapping weeks that it becomes a challenge. That’s when even finding time to write down the fun blog I want to post never arrives. A few other things pop up and by the time there is time, nothing fun or funny comes to mind. A family event is taking a bit more of my time than I seem to have but is something I want to share. First a little history is needed.

My mother and her sisters were very close. They chatted on the phone often and visited each other at least monthly.  After they all retired, they got together often for Mexican Train Dominoes. They mistakenly believed that none of their children (we cousins) ever got together and with our growing families; we admit we didn’t often have the chance, but we thought about it a lot. So to thwart their lazy children,  they (the sisters) decided that an annual family picnic was the way to force all of the cousins and all their children, baby and kid paraphernalia, diapers, food, bottles into our cars and drive to a designated spot to have lunch.

Of course the Annual Picnic was hatched well before they retired, and the rules were laid down when our little ones were babes in arms. As they got older the Annual Picnic took on new meaning and became a driving force for them.

The oldest member of the family at 89 is so happy to meet the youngest.

Mom always adored babies. What fun for her to meet the latest addition to our family.

They thought of nothing else, taking a whole year to plan. We had to eat precisely at Noon. Not a second later.  (That makes for a stressful Saturday morning for families because not only were we to be packed and there but we also had to bring food, dishes and silverware, drinks, etc.) Interestingly the sisters decided “pot luck” might produce a once yearly unbalanced meal so they assigned all the descendants of each sister to a food category. Main dishes, salads, deserts. These rotated by sister each year. Somewhere along the line the sisters decided it could not be a real picnic without Un-named to Protect the Guilty Large Grocery Deli’s fried chicken. Not to pick on said Un-named to Protect the Guilty Large Grocery Deli’s chicken, but even fresh at the deli, it is not that good. Several hours after pick up it is horrible.

Family Reunion Picnic 2011

Two Nieces, a Sister-in-Law and Great-great-Nephew Greet Granny

As the sisters got even older and there were only two left they decided to turn it over to the cousins to plan. Oh we were thrilled. Actually none of us objected to that what we did object to was the phone calls.  They were always the same: “Have you girls set the date and place for the reunion yet?”  They began the nagging in March. As they got older the phones calls got earlier. At some point we cousins actually started betting to see which of us would get the first phone call reminding us of the Annual Picnic and had we set the date and place? Trust me with a houseful of kids, animals, sports, school and holidays, were we even thinking of a picnic in February? Not on your life. We were trying to find snow boots for their feet.

I won that bet one year not because mom was the only one left, but because she knew my cousins and I were taking a weekend trip in October and she decided we must set the date while we were all together.  She called every day for six weeks to remind me. I found out she also called all the cousins at least once a week to remind them as well. Over dinner one night we cousins did set the date. First Saturday in August, just like it had been the previous dozen or so years, at the standard beach location. We decided on Pot Luck because what if everyone brought the same thing? As one very wise cousin put it, “So what is the down side of 20 different chocolate cakes?”

Family Reunion 2011

Pictures from last family reunion show the way our family is: All Smiles.

My mom was exceptional, she started calling about the picnic in late September.  Unfortunately, it did little to stem the trickle flood of phone calls. By that time in her life, mom was having trouble remembering dates. So once or twice a week she would call, “Did you set the date for the picnic yet?” And each time I would sweetly (Honest, I was always sweet with her or at the least very patient. Really!) remind her it was same place, same time and the same date. As always it was the first Saturday in August and she would be riding with us.

Three of cousin Sue's Granddaughters

This little princess was not too happy to look at the camera but her sister and cousin were more than happy to strike a pose and pop smiles.

With the exception of a few of her cousins Mom was the last of her generation. She died  last October of pancreatic cancer, just a few weeks after her last Annual Picnic. Her service was a small family affair at the grave site where we spread some of her ashes. It was the first Saturday of November. The rest of her ashes have been interned in their double plot beside dad. The date marker of 2011 has been installed.

Next weekend is first Saturday in August, in honor of our mothers, we are having the family reunion at our house. It is a pot luck at about 1, stay as late as anyone can. If they can’t arrive at one, we will be here fixing dinner later. So not a problem.

The event is a Wake, rather than a Celebration of Life, or a Memorial. The reason is simple, mom’s favorite movie was Waking Ed Devine. We may actually  watch that this week, just to make sure we cover all bases.

Two pretty girls help clean up and get to keep the giant and very colorful paper flowers

These two were so happy to be awarded the beautiful paper flowers when the party was over and things were being picked up. Left of the brunette you can see Mom, still holding her great-great nephew.

I’m sorry, but if you are not a friend or relative of my mother you aren’t invited. If you are a friend or relative please join us. Can you bring a chocolate cake? Oh, wait, dang I can’t eat gluten. Guess I better get busy whipping up a GF Chocolate cake, or at I can whip up a batch of awesome GF Chocolate Brownies for desert. Either works for me. Maybe I should experiment with both GF and vegan. Just for fun.

Here is where mom and dad will always be: In my heart. Their remains and the marker that tells others they walked this earth is on the hillside just below the marble relief of the last supper.

A marble carving of the Last Supper

Marble relief of The Last Supper is at the top of the hill in the portion of the cemetery where Mom is buried.

Next weekend I hope she’ll be looking down from above with her sisters and they’ll all be smiling and saying, “Can you imagine, they actually got it together without a single phone call???” Then perhaps they’ll laugh and realize they did a good pretty job, we all turned out to be great group of people, with fantastic children and extraordinary grandchildren and we are a happy bunch.



PS The fist five photos were taken last year at the Annual Picnic. Mom’s last big picnic. Because of a surprise significant birthday incorporated into the day, the picnic was held in late July. It was a very good thing it was early. Mom was able to be there and love every minute of the day. She never realized the date had been changed. The last picture taken last Friday.


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Do you ever fantasize? You know, dream about something that you will never have a chance to have? I do. In fact my fantasy involves a tool. A tool my husband doesn’t understand why I love it. But love it, I do.

Every time I use it, I fantasize about going to an exotic place, a place that glistens with clean. A place that shines of beauty. But hubby always cautions me to be careful with the vibrating tool. He is so afraid of me getting hurt. But I always use caution and feel myself getting damp and drifting away. He thinks I’m nuts when he is more than willing to do it for me.

I roll up my pants, kick off my shoes and off I go to bliss. I know the dangers, I know the pressure could cut my toes off, but so far I find it very pleasurable. Be prepared, this is my dream:

This is the tool.

Honda Power Washer

The Dream Machine

Honda Power Washer from the other side

From the other side the beautiful rend machine looks mostly blue and black.

The power nozzle sprayer

And the magic happens with this long rod. Hold it carefully it kind of vibrates.

My fantasy is that I could clean the bathrooms, the kitchen, the laundry room, the floors, the walls, the ceilings, the widows, the inside of the oven, everything with the super power washer.

Cleaning the balcony or the concrete patio, the deck rails and all else, in a couple of hours without breaking a sweat  while I watch the dirt disappear is pure pleasure. No scrubbing, no polishing, no kidding. It’s not nearly as much work as doing a couple of flights of stairs with the vacuum. Not nearly as much work as being on hands and knees scrubbing floors. Not as dangerous as standing on a ladder to scrub the ceiling. Much more fun the cleaning the inside of the toilet until I can be proud of its glistening white porcelain.

I hold that wand like a fireman putting out a fire. Or the heroes fighting off an invasion of aliens with their flame throwers. Then the real fantasy kicks in.

I imagine it is the inside of the shower that is going from a bit dingy to sparkling, shiny white. Just think about it, it is a total power trip. In a day I can be done and it doesn’t need to be done again for a year. You can actually visually witness the gunk being blown off the surface. Think of the advantage of using it to wash a kid’s dirty neck, no more fighting if we could just hose them off once  or twice a year. And the animals, just a quick power spray and they would be sweet and sparkling clean. Ahhhh, it is such a sweet dream.

And housework would not be repeated daily or weekly. I seriously imagine I am cleaning the inside of my house. I actually smile as I envision cleaning and going from room to room leaving a fresh clean house in my wake. Then after the bathrooms are clean from ceiling to floor. I move on to the windows, the blinds, the inside of the refrigerator, the chandeliers, the vents over the stove.

Awwww no need to take me away, just let me go with out with the power washer and fantasize…

…and the silly thing is hubby thinks it’s his job, he doesn’t like to do it, but doesn’t want me to do it. He doesn’t want the neighbors to see me working so hard. Hard? Humph! Hard is doing it all by hand, no sunshine, closed up inside, and repeat some of it every day the rest every week. Repeat, repeat and repeat some more.

That is reality, says she with the awesome washer and dryer and the fabulous dishwasher, a new Dyson and the sweetest husband. But wouldn’t it be nice? The only thing we need to make it a reality is a fully water proof house inside and out. Not sure what to do with mattresses, pillows and carpets, but I’m working on that. It is all available now…in fantasy land.




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The Quilt…Meets Disaster

Last Friday I got home from work a bit early and was happy that the work on the quilt was going well. All the pieces sewn together and ready to put the borders on it. Even from the back it was pretty, well sort of pretty if you happen to like to look a lots of seams with raw edges. I was just folding it up when

The Back of the Quilt

Sweet Hubs came in to see if I was about ready for bed. I was, but I was just about to take the quilt to see how it would look on the bed. We carried it into the guest room and we laid it out on the bed.

Oh, NOOOoooo-o-o-o.

The quilt is not long enough. It’s not quite long enough to be a blanket and I don’t want to hide it under a bedspread. I was discouraged. It was late. I was tired. Sweet Hubs looked at the room.

“That’s all the fabric, right?”


“Can you fix it?” he wanted to know.

“I don’t know how, but I’ll think on it. Maybe I can take  it apart and add occasional white squares through out. That way I could come up with enough blocks to do another row. Then with the borders in place, it should work. It will be okay if the sheet folds over the top edge and the pillow in a matching pillow case shows. I can add a couple of pretty throw pillows and it look nice.”

As he helped me fold it back up he said, “Take it all apart? After all that work?” I nodded. “Only fabric is in the curtains, right?” We both stopped and looked at the curtains. “But they look so nice,” Sweet Hubs murmured.

I nodded and began to wonder if I could cut enough off the bottom of them to make eight additional squares. Then buy more white fabric to add a wide white piece at the bottom of each curtain. We headed off to bed with me “thinking on it.” And him saying, “You’ll come up with something. I know you.”

I had worked long and hard that evening. I was determined to finish it by Sunday. Goldilocks and Hans were coming Saturday afternoon to spend the night with us. It was going to be a short weekend with lots of housework to do.

Got my pajamas on and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and I was greeted by

Overflowing Dirty Clothes Hamper

Laundry ala Mode. Add to my Saturday list five or six loads of laundry, that piled up because dirty clothes multiply when you aren’t looking. Why is it dirty clothes accumulate faster than rabbits? Or it was because we looked after grandkids the previous weekend also and that was actually two weeks worth of laundry.  At this point I was too tired and also discouraged, dejected and in despair. And still no quilt in sight.

The weekends of January are quickly coming to a close. I will leave you here. If there is a rest of the story, you will see it here on another odd day. If there is not I will buy a white coverlet and have a really pretty (and very time-consuming) throw. Either way you will get a post of before and after of the guest room.



PS The did floors get mopped, the bathrooms cleaned, the laundry was washed, dried, folded and put away and we had fun with Hans and Goldilocks. Plus lots of time watching and hoping for snow.


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The Big Snow Storm

The grandkids Hans (11 y/o boy) and Goldilocks (5 y/o girl) were coming for most of the weekend. We were all excited because the weatherman had been promising-teasing-hinting-suggesting we would have snow. We were hoping-wishing-anxious-bouncing (off the walls) with anticipation. Every 10 minutes someone was checking out the window or checking the temperature.

By 9pm, Goldilocks had climbed into Granddad’s lap and was asleep. By 11:30 Hans was still checking the temp and out the window when he decided maybe we should all go to bed and hope the miracle happened during the night.

At 8am, two excited kids bounced into our room to let us know it was snowing. Yes, it was. You could count the flakes as the fell, tiny little things, one or two a second. They melted on contact.

We got dressed, ready and headed out to Denny’s for breakfast. It has become a Sunday morning ritual. Hans and Goldilocks look forward to going out for Pancake Puppies when they spend the night on Saturday. Still no snow. We came home where little flurries kept teasing us all day, but never enough to even cover the ground. Then about 2:30 the big flakes fell fast and furious and within 15 minutes we had a glorious covering of snow. The sun peaked out the snow was melting in less time than it had taken to accumulate.

Goldilocks was jumping and dancing, “Come on, Grams. We gotta go play in the snow.” We grabbed our shoes and jackets and headed out. To play. To build a snowman. With less than 1/8 inch of snow on the ground; in the places there was any snow.

Come On! We Have to Play!! We Can Build a Snowman!!!

We couldn’t take time to find gloves or the snow would be gone. With nothing more than our bare hands we began to build a snowman. We rolled a big ball for the body, a smaller one for the head and then added the accessories.

Goldilocks Adds the Finishing Touches

Goldilocks took the time to pose with her first snowman of 2012. She was most proud of how he looked. She wanted to add arms, but finding such tiny sticks was a challenge. So she decreed that we built a snow cat.

Goldilocks and Her Snowman

Last but not least, a portrait of Snowman #1 2012.

And there you have it. The miracle snowman. Do you know how hard it was to find enough snow to build a snowman? We think he turned out very cute!!

At dusk he was still sitting all alone on the grass, which by then was completely green with no snow in sight. He may last through the night because the temperature dipped below the freezing mark just before dark.

Hope you had a fun day, too!


PS QUILT DISASTER For those watching for an update on the quilt, it is spelled “disaster.” I even stayed up until 1:30 this morning…stay tuned…:(


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January 1, 2012

From my family to yours we all wish you a fantastic 2012. May it be filled with love, sharing, caring, time together, accomplishments, learning new things, and pausing long enough to appreciate it all.

Bright Eyed at 10:45pm Dec 31, 2011

At 10:45pm she’s awake, hugging her stable of animals, and excited about the New Year arriving.

Dec 31, 2011 10:46 PM

When she gets tired she simply falls asleep; mid-sentence, mid-meal, mid-show or mid-game. It’s like someone turned the off switch. Once she’s out she rarely wakes up. She stirred only slightly when grandpa carried her up to bed about 1am on Jan 1, 2012

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to sleep like that? And to top it off at 7am she is instantly wide awake, talking (non-stop), totally alert and so happy to greet a brand new day. This morning she actually slept until 8am because she had been up so late. Big brother also wakes up happy and all smiles.

The first day of January 2012

My grandson wanted a New Years Day photo of him and his little sister taken with my new camera. I know; they probably have faces only a mother could love, but somehow I guess this grandma has grown accustomed to them because I do think they are pretty cute. What’s not to love??

They stayed in their pajamas until well after 1pm. Daddy came to gather them and they weren’t ready to go. So daddy stayed and watched a Blazer basketball game with his dad and we all ate dinner. When the game was over about 9:30pm their daddy started gathering up their things to put them in the car.

That’s when they wailed, “Daaaaaad, why do we have to go so soon? Can’t we stay l-o-n-g-e-r?

That reinforces what I said about spending wonderful hours with my family. They are the best people ever. And this is only the very youngest two of a much longer group.

Cheers to 2012,





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Total Random Thoughts

Random #1:  The Opposite of Shadow

The master bath has frosted glass, giving up-close views out the window, creating a screen so we do not need either blinds or curtains, and letting in a lot of light. Yesterday I was up early and the sun broke through the fog and presented this picture on the wall.

My first view of the opposite of shadow.

It took me a moment to figure out where the light was coming from, add to the strange illusion is the angle of the sun and the strange upward angle of the wall. Beneath the angled wall is an alcove which provides a place for a storage chest in the bathroom.

Light play has created the Opposite of Shadow

From a different angle it remains an intriguing photo.

Opposite of Shadow Pimped out with Reflections

The storage chest is glass-topped. It doubled up the image.

Opposite of Shadow with Reflection and Shadow of Flowers

It didn’t take long for the sun to add more light which high-lighted the vase of flowers, showcased the reflections, and added a shadow from the flowers. That is a lot of play from the sun coming through a window.

Random #2:  Cats and Christmas

For those of you with animals they do sense the excitement of the holidays. It begins subtly enough. For us a new book The Christmas Village*  (see asterisk at end of post) written by a friend had just arrived and was sitting on the counter. Our cat Duke, also known as the ruler of the house, spied the book and was more than a little interested. I picked it up to read and he kept head butting me until I had to set it down.


When are  you going to read it to me?? We can sit on the sofa by the fire. Let’s go. Let’s go, seemed to be his attitude as he zipped off the make himself comfy on the sofa and he waited. Ran back and forth between the kitchen and sofa meowing at me on each trip.  He repeated that several times until I went in sat down and petted him.  I got into the book by the first couple of pages and quickly read the first few chapters.

Random #3:  The Tree

Hubs came home with a tree. Duke and the other two cats were excited. Hubs got it set up and Duke was not exactly happy. He approached cautiously and was not impressed. Clearly something was wrong.

You sure this is the right tree? Kind of skinny don't you think?

Duke was clearly concerned. Where exactly were the ornaments supposed to hang? How could he climb up into the tree and unhook all the ornaments and drop them on the floor when it was shaped like this? Something is very wrong here, although it does have that wonderful noble fir flavored water at the base. Our, we three cats’,  favorite flavor.

I don't trust what you are doing with that twig thing you call a tree.

Duke is very serious and keeping his eye on things. Will they get better? Are we stuck with this?

Random #4: Diversions

This is a fun diversion, though one I probably should not have tackled right this week. I had mentioned that we had fallen well behind with housework and home projects while mom was sick and all our available time was devoted to her, a job we both were happy to do. However, in October of 2010 I had made a list of jobs to tackle. The only job I had actually completed was a Halloween fairy costume for my little granddaughter.

The list was filled with little things like mending, making curtains for the small guest room, and sprucing up the look; all remained untouched on my TODO list. All were supposed to begin as soon as the bathroom was finished and we anticipated completing that a year ago. We got the bathroom finished last weekend and I moved onto my list and started with the curtains. After they were finished, there was quite a bit of fabric left over. I got to looking at this pretty, random, one way strip and thought about the possibility of turning those into quilt squares.

Distractions, scraps from re-purposed new curtains in guest bedroom.

Before I could stop it, my brain had gone off into diversionary randomness, contemplated the number of patterns that could be completed  and lo and behold a new quilt is in progress. But what could I do, I had been unable to come close to a compatible color and was tired of returning things. For the moment, I do have to pick up the pieces and it’ll have to hide out for a few days. After the lunch on Sunday which has grown to 23 or more, I will be finishing up the quilt.

Random #5: The Road Less Traveled

And last but not least I saw how beautiful the sky was last Friday. It was  in the morning and the sun was penetrating the fog and clouds  on The Road Less Traveled.  A simple and blissful scene for you to meditate with.

Amazing blue sky on The Road Less Traveled

Thanks for stopping by. I love getting your comments.

G’ Day


* The Christmas Village, written by Melissa Ann Goodwin, was just published in Aug to great reviews. It is for middle school kids, but has appeal to adults and young children as a family story. Just right to snuggle on the sofa and read aloud to all. I purchased mine from Amazon and can hardly wait to share it with my grandchildren.

When our children were young our Christmas tradition was to all sit together on the sofa while Hubs read The Night Before Christmas, The Nativity Story of Christmas, and Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer. Afterwards we hung up stockings and we had cookies and hot cocoa. Perhaps we’ll be starting a new tradition this year with the grandchildren.


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