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New Wheels!

After selling my car 12 years ago  (we used the money to keep the business afloat during the economic crisis of the dot com bust) we finally are a two car family again.  Yea!!

2000 Ford Ranger

2000 Ford Ranger Front view

Am I happy? You’re darn tootin’. I know we almost never need two vehicles, but there are times when he needs to go one direction and I would like to go another. So we both go both directions. I’m not complaining, mind you but it has been 12 years since I have gone shopping for clothes without him. If you have ever shopped with a guy, they are one track minded. They have a list of what they need. It looks like this: 1 pair jeans, package of underwear, and one grey and one blue tee-shirt.

When I go shopping I want to look at what is new, check things out, see what looks fun and will it coordinate with something in my closet? If not, I want to shop other stores to find the exact right item to go with it. Do any of you gals relate to that? You can imagine my frustration upon entering a store and he asks, “What’s on your list, I’ll help you find it.”

And the yarn and fabric store? Oh boy, he tries really hard to be patient and accommodating and does come up with some great ideas, but has not much patience when I am looking for a specific type of fabric for say a skirt.

2000 Ford Ranger 3/4 view

My new wheels in another view.

Now a lot of you might not be excited about getting a truck, but I’m a practical kind of girl and am used to driving big trucks and vehicles so finding this cute little one makes me very happy!!!

It had everything on it a person could wish for and is perfect inside and outside. Our mechanic confirmed it was perfect under the hood as well.  It was an amazing find and I think we were very lucky to be in the right place at the right time.

Our other vehicle we dubbed the Blackberry Bus due to its great color and the fact it seats seven. The grandkids named this one Wolf Train because it is the color of a grey wolf and if the other one is a bus, this must be a train. It seats two in the front and two small people aka grandchildren in the little rear seats.

Since the two vehicles serve different purposes we of course will trade-off depending on who needs to go where or get what. Most of the time we will carpool as we have done for a dozen years. Most of the time it works out perfectly. But trust me, Sweet Hubs is dancing a jig because he will not have to go shopping with me again or bring me home and drop me off if he needs to go somewhere after work. If either of us want to go someplace after work, we can take both vehicles. Plus he can get a load of bark-dust without having to pay to have it delivered!

I haven’t driven it yet. Das Boot has made getting in and out of anything awkward and I haven’t ventured anywhere solo since the body slam to the concrete. It’s all healing fine, but I will be very happy to wear real shoes again on both feet.





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