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St Helens High School Class Reunion

The invitation came for the 50th Class Reunion. Holy cow, that was a shock to my system. How could it be 50 years?? Isn’t it more like 20 years? I don’t feel any different.

Sweet Hubs asked if I wanted to go. No, I didn’t think I would, after all, I had only lived there two years and my roots didn’t go back to kindergarten like my new classmates had. I hadn’t kept in touch with any of them. They wouldn’t remember me. And so my mind went, but for some reason I hung onto the invite.

Two months later I decided to toss it out and it went into recycle. “What have you done?” my mind yelled, “there  will never be another one. What if you regret it later?” So I retrieved the letter. Sent the RSVP and the check and Sweet Hubs agreed to go with me, we’d just call it a night out if no one remembered me or even worse if I couldn’t remember anyone. After all, a lot happens between high school graduation and the 50th year reunion, too many things would I remember?

We went this past Friday night. I discovered that unless you still lived in the same small town and saw each other at the grocery sore, we were all in the same boat. Fortunately, we all were issued  photo ID, with our high school name is big bold letters (thanks guys, we needed that) and our high school class photos. What a great ice breaker, we all agreed we looked familiar and as soon as we could put the young face with the somewhat older one, we immediately knew each other. So many friends and so much to share. Special thanks to my Sweet Hubs patiently tried to act involved. He became the photographer for me with my  camera and then others handing him their cameras.

50th Class Reunion

Hey, you guys talking back there need to turn around and pay attention for your class photo.

Group photo

Okay, we’re getting closer. Smile. Hey, Lorrie, look this way, please.

Anther shot of the class reunion.

This one looks good, one person caught in a blink and a petite lady in the back row that should have  been either picked up by Jack or in front of him.

Happy, smiling and all eyes open.

I got this great photo of some friends and no blinks.

Was I glad I went?? You better believe it. The best evening ever. I remember how much my classmates had meant to me. They were such a friendly, welcoming and supportive group of people who accepted an outsider into their world. Thanks Class of 1962!! Hope to see you all soon. Or at least hear from you.



(PS Note to classmates Shez is my pen name,  nick name or alter ego, you knew me as Shari Williams.) 😉






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This is such a beautiful poem I hope many of you enjoy it.

Nae's Nest

I found the sea

In a place I did not expect

It was there at my time of need

It was there to accept

The colors so beautiful

Picking up the desert hues

The sea is here in the desert

Brought here by a muse

An answer to my prayer

The sea brings me comfort

Within its fresh air

It breaks the heat of the wind

A welcome cool breeze

A retreat from reality

A moment to seize

The heat is hard to breathe

Curling me up in pain

Tears fall nearly everyday

Hope is under strain

Hope is sunshine in the rain

It is the sea in the desert

It is a moment to seize

The welcome cool breeze

Many days without hope seem to go by

On the rare day it appears

I want to breathe it in

It’s water washing away my fears

I pray on the…

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