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Do you ever fantasize? You know, dream about something that you will never have a chance to have? I do. In fact my fantasy involves a tool. A tool my husband doesn’t understand why I love it. But love it, I do.

Every time I use it, I fantasize about going to an exotic place, a place that glistens with clean. A place that shines of beauty. But hubby always cautions me to be careful with the vibrating tool. He is so afraid of me getting hurt. But I always use caution and feel myself getting damp and drifting away. He thinks I’m nuts when he is more than willing to do it for me.

I roll up my pants, kick off my shoes and off I go to bliss. I know the dangers, I know the pressure could cut my toes off, but so far I find it very pleasurable. Be prepared, this is my dream:

This is the tool.

Honda Power Washer

The Dream Machine

Honda Power Washer from the other side

From the other side the beautiful rend machine looks mostly blue and black.

The power nozzle sprayer

And the magic happens with this long rod. Hold it carefully it kind of vibrates.

My fantasy is that I could clean the bathrooms, the kitchen, the laundry room, the floors, the walls, the ceilings, the widows, the inside of the oven, everything with the super power washer.

Cleaning the balcony or the concrete patio, the deck rails and all else, in a couple of hours without breaking a sweat  while I watch the dirt disappear is pure pleasure. No scrubbing, no polishing, no kidding. It’s not nearly as much work as doing a couple of flights of stairs with the vacuum. Not nearly as much work as being on hands and knees scrubbing floors. Not as dangerous as standing on a ladder to scrub the ceiling. Much more fun the cleaning the inside of the toilet until I can be proud of its glistening white porcelain.

I hold that wand like a fireman putting out a fire. Or the heroes fighting off an invasion of aliens with their flame throwers. Then the real fantasy kicks in.

I imagine it is the inside of the shower that is going from a bit dingy to sparkling, shiny white. Just think about it, it is a total power trip. In a day I can be done and it doesn’t need to be done again for a year. You can actually visually witness the gunk being blown off the surface. Think of the advantage of using it to wash a kid’s dirty neck, no more fighting if we could just hose them off once  or twice a year. And the animals, just a quick power spray and they would be sweet and sparkling clean. Ahhhh, it is such a sweet dream.

And housework would not be repeated daily or weekly. I seriously imagine I am cleaning the inside of my house. I actually smile as I envision cleaning and going from room to room leaving a fresh clean house in my wake. Then after the bathrooms are clean from ceiling to floor. I move on to the windows, the blinds, the inside of the refrigerator, the chandeliers, the vents over the stove.

Awwww no need to take me away, just let me go with out with the power washer and fantasize…

…and the silly thing is hubby thinks it’s his job, he doesn’t like to do it, but doesn’t want me to do it. He doesn’t want the neighbors to see me working so hard. Hard? Humph! Hard is doing it all by hand, no sunshine, closed up inside, and repeat some of it every day the rest every week. Repeat, repeat and repeat some more.

That is reality, says she with the awesome washer and dryer and the fabulous dishwasher, a new Dyson and the sweetest husband. But wouldn’t it be nice? The only thing we need to make it a reality is a fully water proof house inside and out. Not sure what to do with mattresses, pillows and carpets, but I’m working on that. It is all available now…in fantasy land.




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I wanted to share with you one of the most truly remarkable wildlife photos I have ever seen.


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Happy! Hoppy! and Humbled!

Many of you know I also am committed to the Post a Photo a Day Challenge that is initiated by Word Press. One of the blogs I follow is a Photo Contest where both amateur and professional photographers from around the world submit incredible photos from gorgeous and exotic places…

I will get back to that in a minute. But my Totally Random Happy thoughts want to share the Hoppy photo first.

I want you to know that I know where Easter Eggs really, truly come from. They are laid by an adorable pink girl bunny. In this photo she appears to be counting the eggs as she lays them. Here is the proof.

This is where Easter Eggs come from.

Now back to the rest of the story. In the many years of my passionate obsession with taking photos I have never submitted any of my work in any competition except once and it took second place.  I have not been anywhere exotic or out the country in a couple of years but had and idea for an interesting photo taken close to home. I sent it off, and pretty much forgot it.

Today when I opened my email I saw the title of the winning photo that was chosen for today.

You can check it out here:

And this is why I am HappyHoppy and very HUMBLED today.

Egg dying is at our house is tomorrow and two extremely excited grand-kids are coming. Sometime between work today and “eggs” tomorrow I have to clean the house and get the family dinner ready. I can’t wait for everyone to be here. I love any excuse to cook for everyone and for all of us to be together.

Wishing you all a blessed Easter.



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