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Birds on a Line and the Moon

Pigeons settle in for the night's perched in a row on the power lines.

Many of you may have already stumbled across my 366Photo A Day WordPress challenge at  the ShezPhotoz blog. Because I am an avid photographer, I take lots of photos a day. Posting only one is a challenge. So as not to waste some photos that are best shown as a gallery, I will be posting some of my favorites here. These were taken last week.

Additionally from time to time I will pull some of my favorites out of my archives. You will notice that I have used different signatures on my photoz. I just want to assure you that if they are signed SL Schildan, Street Light Studio, (same initials) SLS Photography or are scanned and have a hand written signature of Shari Schildan, or variations, rest assured they are all photos I personally took. My signature has changed over the years. Most recently just last week I discovered someone else was using my ShezPhoto signature(with a space which can’t be used in web addresses). To reduce any confusion I went from ShezPhoto to Shezphotoz. They are all me. I told you I was random, but finally believe I have a lasting signature. No more chameleon changes for Shez.

Here is a series of photos I took that same evening I captured the birds on a line. It is not often we are treated to a kaleidoscope  of beauty in one half hour. I was lucky to be able to capture at least a part of the beauty.

As the afternoon clouds finally parted the moon was low on the horizon against a pale blue sky.

The moon played peek-a-boo in an out of the clouds. It was not always possible to get a great shot from a moving car, but a few turned out nicely.

As the clouds rolled and roiled and were just beginning to be tinged with pink, I captured the moon peeking through once again.

Then the clouds took over the show arriving like pink cotton candy.

The clouds become more intense. The show continues

The show intensified and the colors became vivid.

Sunset began as the sun slide down past the horizon, leaving one last low cloud to reflect the beauty.

As the sky darkened and the rain began again, the moon wanted one more chance to shine. It appeared for a brief half second before the storm ruled.

Please let me know what you think of the photoz. It was a gorgeous show.




March 18, 2012 · 10:29 am

Weather a “Safe” Topic

I always hear that the weather is a safe topic, but the news I keep reading is that our weather is anything but safe. Weather patterns around the world have shifted. It’s been blamed by everything that has happened. I am not going into any ideas of why the change, any and all or a combination could explain it.

Or it could just be the way things have always been on planet earth as we read of heat and hurricanes, volcano eruptions and violent windstorms, and ice ages with endless winters all occurring long before modern man.

So today I promise not to complain about our endless winter of last year when our tomatoes came on in August and were ready to pick in September. We had a short but beautiful summer that started at the end of August and lasted for six weeks.

There is evidence we are in a similar pattern this year. The Indian Plum which usually blooms in our yard in mid-January is just now appearing, six weeks late like last year.

Indian Plum, the first thing that blooms in our yard is six-weeks behind schedule. The leaves are the clusters reaching up, the flower clusters hang down and will be covered in tiny white blooms by tomorrow afternoon if we have another warm sunny day.

I went out with my camera phone this morning to snap a few photos of the earth reawakening. Proof that spring is about to pop.

Blueberries getting ready to bloom

Azalea buds are popping

Purple Periwinkle pops out of the pine needles to greet the bright sun.

Daffodils buds swell by the backyard steps

Leaves unfurl in the tree tops. They are much too high up for me to see. It was a fun surprise to discover their reflection in the water. Such a cool way to view the world high overhead.

The hazelnut catkins are dropping, the leaves are popping and the water iris emerge by the pond

The water lily leaves emerge from the water red, rolled and on red stems. These have just reached the surface and typically will stand six to 10 inches high before they uncurl. As they gather sunlight they lose their red color and turn the familiar deep shiny green floating on the surface.

The red leafed plum is leafing out and the tiny clusters of deep burgundy beads will soon pop into dainty pink blossoms.

I won’t complain that we have had so much rain and so little sun. I will be thankful we have had no tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, tsunamis, or earth quakes. We are the lucky ones.

So that’s what’s new in our yard this beautiful late winter day.

Where did you find beauty today?


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