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Sadly, They Lost

My favorite women’s basketball team fell hard today in the first round of the playoffs.

Losing the game today is part of sports and does nothing to diminish all she has accomplished. Becky is still amazing and is my hero.

Three Grandchildren Share a spot on the sofa. Becky shows Goldilocks how to play an iPad game.

She and her younger brother spent a lot of time with us and usually got along so well, but there were times I thought they might kill one another. Today I have my youngest grandchildren and they are busy arguing over the iPad. History repeats.

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Run. It’s Another Grandmother Brag

It’s no secret I’m nutty over my grandkids. It is written into the rules and code book for grandmothers and I’m just doing my job.

Some of you know Sweet Hubs and I and our daughter flew to Denver to spend the weekend with our granddaughter and her mother. It was her final home game and the last day of games for Colorado College’s Gym. A new athletic center is under construction and the gym was scheduled to be gutted on Monday.

Three Seniors Honored

I thrust my camera into the hand of one of the Team Dad’s. With a 2 minute lesson in using the camera he bravely took on the task of filming the ceremony and snapping a few pictures. The team members are wearing pink tee shirts for breast cancer awareness. The senior women took their’s off for the ceremony. In the front row flanked by team mates is Jordy Stephensen #25 with her mother and father, Jenny Knapp #11 with her mom and dad. Next is Sweet Hubs, me, Becky Luetjen #2 with her mom (our daughter Lee). It was sweet of Becky to bend way down so she wouldn’t tower over her elders. ūüėČ

Colorado College Women won their game. Becky came to sit with us afterward and didn’t really want me to take a photo, after all she was hot, sweaty, and devoid of any makeup. It was a coincidence that she and her mom were both wearing the same color.

Becky and Lee

After this a group of future basketball players came over to the CC team and asked to have their shirts signed. The ladies sweetly obliged.

Here's a pen, Becky.

Many signatures

Two very happy future players

These two sweeties just couldn’t stop smiling after their shirts were signed. They were very happy to pose for a photo.

We had a fabulous weekend¬†to celebrate Becky’s 13 year commitment to basketball. We¬†came back with some great photos and memories. Becky is the hardest working person I know and deserves any and honors that come her way.

Now to validate my claim that she is awesome, I submit proof right here:

Honest, there were no bribes, I do not even know any of the people who made this decision.




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The Bond Grandparent + Grandchildren

It truly seems grandchildren are more awesome even than our kids were. It’s also true that they do not give we grandparents much “flack.” We are accused of spoiling them, but the parents a doing a good job of the “spoiling them rotten” detail. After all the original little ones arrived we did not know how to be parents. We used them as our lab rats and they were our experimental practice.¬†We learned from our own kids how we could do a better job. They survived. We survived. They turned into wonderful adults and somewhere along the line we became acutely aware that no matter what kind of parents any of the kids we knew had, by the time they graduated from high school, there were no “binkies”, not one still clung to a “blanky,” sucked their thumb, or ran when they had to ceremoniously walk . They could dress themselves, fix or find something to eat, go to bed without nagging or threats. They had discovered that other people did indeed notice good hygiene.

In no particular order and without identifying any of them, here are some photos of my children and grandchildren. There are no photos prior to 2003 and the ones from 2003 are very poor quality digital. But if you ever come to my house I have photo books by year that follows them and their friends from birth to digital age.

Here’s the big secret with grandchildren: time goes by so much quicker now, that they grow up, spread their wings, and head off into a new adult life, before we can blink twice. They are much more patient with us than their parents were.

Our job with the grandkids is to love them just the way they are. We know they will turn out just fine. Let their parents worry all night about some tedious thing they are or aren’t doing that mom and dad think they should. They all make it to adulthood. Whether they had everything or very little if they had people who love, encourage and believe in them, ¬†it seems they become good people.

We were really lucky, Sweet Hubs and I, all four of our children grew into smart, wonderful, caring, responsible people. Did I mention we love them to pieces and are so lucky they all live within a half hour drive? We cherish the fact that we do get to see them often. Our best times have always been gathering in the living room, shoes off, fire in the fireplace chatting and laughing, sharing new ideas or remembering old ones, and now instead of sharing mugs of hot cocoa we often share a glass of wine together.

Also I just stumbled upon a simple thing. Click on any one of the photos and it enlarges and you can click the arrows to view each photo. Unfortunately it does not include the clever captions I spent time creating. Oh well, maybe they were clever enough and you are all being spared!

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Valentine Card

Hi, what better time than today to send some wishes your way. I have always separated my love of graphics from my photography. But ever since I took this photo I have thought it should be a Valentine. So I let my creative side free. I hope the results bring a smile to your face.

Blowing Wishes Your Way

Happy Valentine Day.



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Such a lovely poem, I couldn’t help but share this.

With apologies to Renae, because in the re-blog the formatting was lost. There is no punctuation and each capital letter is the beginning of a new line.

Nae's Nest

Life is bursting with flavor

One can easily find

How it stimulates the mind

Giving us something delicious to savor

The colors of time

The shades of memory

To recall is such a pleasure

Like finding a pirate’s treasure

Life is bursting with traditions

Handed down through the generations

Giving the eye it many colors

Giving the world such a beautiful face

Open your eyes for the first time

Look at the old woman sitting in the park

Gray hair askew

She tosses feed to the birds

Listen closely to hear her coo

Her way of taking care

Of a bit of beauty

She found in her world

Yet she is unaware

Of the beauty

She has brought into mine

by Renee Robinson

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Wishes for a Happy Valentine Day

This image is not a February photo, but none the less it has always reminded me of Valentine Day. I think it is the red and pink vest and the sweetheart blowing wishes.

Wishes for a wonderful Valentine Day!

It works for me, I hope it works for you. ūüėÄ




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Colorado College Athletics – Luetjen earns Academic All-District honors

Everyone who knows me thinks I brag about my granddaughter a tad too much, when in truth I never come close. She is a beautiful, sweet, and wonderful person. Someone else must agree or she wouldn’t have earned this prestigious award. Becky deserves every allocate. She is truly wonderful.

Colorado College Athletics – Luetjen earns Academic All-District honors.

I’m so excited, I get to see her in two weeks!!! WooHoo. YEA!!! Congratulations, Becky.



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