NEW Camera!!!

Oh, my, what a Christmas gift. Hubs decided I needed a NEW camera. He said all photographers need 6, yes SIX, different cameras. He researched, looking for one with a very fast auto focus. He said this conversation has happened way too often: “Did you get it?” “Nope, it couldn’t focus fast enough and I missed the shot.”

So under the tree was a tiny Olympus E-PM1 with two lenses and hundreds of functions. A new camera?? No time to play with it?? Company coming for dinner?? Are you kidding me??

So shoot I did. I took random photos. I put it through its paces, indoor, no flash, up close. I looked out the kitchen window and in the branch was a bird I had rarely ever seen. I grabbed my new friend and attached the big 300mm zoom lens and out the door I ran.

Any of you who are photographers know it is impossible to hand hold a camera with 300mm at full extension and get a clear photo. My Canon with its 300mm was hogging the tripod and time was of the essence, so out I went and took the chance. Unbelievable, the photos are clear, amazing and every hair on the squirrel is sharp.

Everything for dinner was ready when guests arrived, except me. I was still in my jeans and tee-shirt. But what photographer out there would not understand my priorities.

Here are my first few photos with this amazing new camera I didn’t even know I needed. My love said, “Maybe you didn’t need it, but Random Shez absolutely NEEDED it.”

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So today, Boxing Day I have been reading the book and getting comfortable with my new toy. Yesterday, Christmas, I forgot it is a REAL camera and does not have a built-in flash. I left the flash in the box. It was amazing even last night’s very low light photos are better than average. I can’t imagine how awesome they would have been if I had remembered the flash, but still they were fun photos of the family. Probably best saved to share on a day I run out of  random thoughts.

Oh, and did I mention the E-PM1 can take movies in HD just by pressing a different button AND it will also take a photo while it is filming. What wonders in such a tiny, tiny package.

Considering I had not even hinted at wanting anything, because I really couldn’t think of anything I needed or wanted, I am spoiled, very spoiled. What a gift.




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6 responses to “NEW Camera!!!

  1. Great! Your hubby is speaking your love language! Have fun with it.

    • My hubby is awesome and he knows me well. I have discovered a fabulous speed thing about the camera, it takes less than 1 second from the moment I press the “on” button until it is ready to shoot or film. Cheers, Shez

  2. Oh yay yay yay!!!! You have the best husband in the world 😉 !!!! & seems he is right… you are definitely going to have fun with it!!! Excited about the photos to come!!!! Merry Xmas Shez!!!! 😀 **

    • Shari L Schildan

      Hi Xandre,

      Are you back from your vacation? I’ve missed you and can’t wait to see your sights! Yes, I have had a great time, lots of time with family, not much time for blogging, but am still in shock over the new camera. It’s not like by other cameras are not awesome.

      I hope you had a great Christmas.

      Cheers, Shez

  3. Congrats on the camera and what wonderful photo’s it takes 🙂 I love the exotic flower, its’ beautiful!!

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