Ever Changing Skylight

It has been a long and tiring weekend. For some people the weekend is a time to relax and recharge a bit. For hubs and me they have become non-stop marathons of catch-up. We had not looked at all at the accumulation of unfinished projects at home in the year and a half mom needed us.

So for the past few weekends, we have dedicate ourselves to trying to re-organize, deep clean, finish projects, and do more than just keep things spiffed up to pass for clean when company was coming. But now it is time to deep clean and go through everything. Also add dinner for 17 on Thanksgiving, lunch for 23 this coming Sunday, and all things Christmas needing to be finished pronto.

I tell you all of this only because I needed to rely on photos on my computer. I did have a few minutes today to get some photos of the hummingbird, but no time to download them.

However, I have seen some spectacular sunsets lately. Since it begins getting dark at 4:15 the view out my office window can be pretty amazing. Last week there was quite an assortment of evening skies. I will share them here as well as a few from other days or years. I hope you enjoy them.

A Favorite of mine, taken last year.

This photo is my screen saver on my computer at work. I love the colors, the diagonal sweep of the pastel clouds and the graceful beauty of this huge tree. It is a peaceful setting.

This tree is prominent in these photos because the sun sets in the west every day. Our front door at work faces west as does my office window. When evening show begins I just take my camera outside the front door and capture the show. You will recognize the tree as the one you will see in the next few photos.

Nov 29, 2011 at 4:15 pm, the first colors of the night began to appear.

The large ball that hangs about dead center of the photo in the tree is actually a squirrel nest. It’s impressive in its size. Appears to be about three feet or one meter across.

The Show begins in earnest.

In this photo some clouds appeared to add to the amazing view. The squirrel nest is in the tree to the left.

Panning left the clouds continue the show.

Now our squirrel next is on the right. This shot is facing south-west.

I tried to photo stitch the two photos. It is not nearly as spectacular as the sky was.

The Completed PhotoMerge

This photo has limitations and does not convey the gorgeous colors and the all-encompassing size in any way that does it justice. This is a case of you needed to be here and this photo may be worth a thousand words, but in real life it was more like a million words.

I did crop just the sky for today’s header.

Within a blink of an eye, it was all gone as you can see in the next photo.

In the Blink of an eye, the show's over.

Once again, the display is over. The entire spectacle took about 15 minutes from the first lights until this shot just as the sun sinks behind the horizon.

The previous night, there were no clouds, the air was cold, and the crescent moon stood master over the sky.

The Crescent Moon in the southern sky.

Cell phone cameras do quite well, but not good enough for moon photos. I couldn’t hold my jiggles still for such a long exposure. But this picture is better than none at all.

The moon.

This photo was taken a couple of years ago with my Canon, a 300mm telephoto and a sturdy tripod.

Just at Dusk

Along Interstate-5 I captured this scene just as the sun began to set. There’s something very peaceful about this photo.

Red Skies at Night

If the old saying is true, sailors must have been happy this night. Our company was in Wilsonville for 8 years and we were treated to some of the most spectacular sunsets ever.

I hope this little show warmed you hearts.



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4 responses to “Ever Changing Skylight

  1. As I’ve mentioned sooooooo many times before – I’m a sucker for sunsets!!! & I can fully understand why your first pic is your favourite!!! You have a stunning collection here Shez!!!! So glad you shared it!!! (although, as beautiful as the sunsets, I think I would super suberbly if I have to work when it turns dark!!!) ….. it’s just wrong!!!! 😉 In South Africa the sun soesn’t set until well after 17h00 in the winter… so I suppose I will not be able to understand what it must feel like!!!! 🙂 **

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