What A Difference A Day Makes

After such a long and beautiful fall, with weeks of glorious colors, nature decided enough is enough. How will all these people be ready to appreciate the glories of spring if they do not have a break in all the colors.

In blew the wind and a deluge of torrential rains. In a short three or four days I recorded the following photos. These again are un-altered not even cropping since I have no photo editing here at work. Yes, I am at work  “Shame, shame on me,”  and am feeling very guilty, but not guilty enough to find something important to do. Besides that I am justifying it because the day before a holiday is often a very quiet day.  Besides that it is hard to concentrate when I should be home baking. We are having 17 people for dinner at our house tomorrow and I am too excited about that to concentrate.

Here are some of three photos from the 17th through the 22nd of November 2011. The first three are of the park bench by the pond. Wish I had thought to take them all from the exact same location, but you will recognize the scene.

The Golden Leaves Carpet the lawn and surround the bench by the pond.

The yellow Japanese Maple sits on the right side of the walk. In this photo you also catch a glimpse of the pastel leaves from the left hand Japanese Maple. Both trees are still covered in leaves although enough have fallen from the yellow tree to carpet the ground.

The leaves have dropped from the heavy wind and rain. The tree is barren, the bench is laden.

Thousands and thousands of yellow leaves now surround the bench. The heavy wind and rain have literally whipped and blown them from the branches.

All is wet, the pond grows bigger.

As the heavy rain continued the water rose and surrounded the bench. Many roads have been flooded by the torrential rains. The weight of the rains coupled with the wind has blown over trees and and broken off heavy branches, which have landed on power lines breaking them. We were lucky that we only had some higher water and no  damages.

Next up are some photos of a hummingbird house. It is adorable, is facing east as directed, and after two years is still unused.

The Japanese Maple leaves nearly hide the hummingbird house.

If you look very closely at the top of the blue and white cord that secures the house to the tree, you will see an out of focus dark and light blob. It is the hummingbird. Honest, it’s him. From this perch he can watch the feeders and in territorial fashion can go after any other hummingbirds that dare approach his domain. It became impossible for me to actually get a clear photo of him. There are three reasons; one the hummer blends so well with the tree bark my point and shoot could not focus clearly on him; two he twitches and moves quite often, especially at the tones the camera makes; and three I could not “time my jiggle” and did not have time to go get my tripod.

So you will have to trust me, the hummer is actually the dark and light splotch you can see in the photo above.

Clearly no bird is perched near the hummingbird house.

Two days later, the lighting is better and I finally a clear photo, but nary a hummingbird in sight.

Two more days and the leaves are all but gone.


An amazing transformation in a very short time. Still no hummingbird to capture with my camera. It does not mean it was not there, it just was buzzing in and out quickly and the wind kept blowing him from any perch. I was surprised to see him out and about in the very wind and rain.

Next up are photos of the Japanese Maple that shades the left side of the walk.

The Japanese maple on the left of the walk displays beautiful soft reds, oranges and yellows.

My husband brought home two matching saplings. There were bought at the same place at the same time. Each was about 30″ high and each was growing in 5 gallon containers and had the same tags on them. But every year, this one leafs out first, has slightly darker foliage and when Autumn arrives it becomes very colorful. This year it was more pastel than most years, but its companion always were only a coat of yellow, no different than the first six photos in this post. We do have dozens of varieties of maples that grow beautifully in Oregon. I have never met a maple tree I did not love.

The left Maple Up-Close

The day began with a bit of overcast which is usually my favorite light for photography. I turn my flash off and love the true colors an overcast sky reveals. I also am partial to the lack of shadows and the clarity of detail that results.

The detail of the delicate leaves, their red veins, the tiny scalloped edges and the exquisite shading of colors.

Two perfect leaves and two tiny seed pods. I had just put my camera away when then the sun emerged. With it came the shadows that provide depth and interest and the leaves take on a special glow that cannot be duplicated.

Nature creates such beauty for us.

In this case, the shadows add to the story and make for wonderful imagery.

Wishing you all a lovely day.




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3 responses to “What A Difference A Day Makes

  1. It has been a glorious colorful season but boy! we did get pummeled with rain and wind. All our trees are bare now too. You photos are lovely as ever. Love the close up of the Japanese Maple leaves. Gorgeous!

  2. What a great series of photos Shez!!! & you are right… in order to fully appreciate – one has to be without for a period of time!!! You are blessed to get this much rain!!! 🙂 **

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