Day 14 Photo Op: Puppy Meets Girl

What a golden photo opportunity to capture images of an adorable golden-haired 5-year old, animal loving little girl with and happy, excited 10 week old golden-haired puppy. The excitement starts immediately when adorable kidlet shrieks, “They’re here. They’re here!! She takes off at a dead run to greet them.

This is one very wiggly puppy.

Add one very giggly girl and you have a match made in heaven, albeit one very busy match of non-stop giggles and non-stop wiggles. What fun. Somehow, both subjects were able to simultaneously decide to keep moving.

Okay I finally realized it was a challenge. If you ever want a challenge  just try taking this exact mix of adorable subjects and get one good photo.

GO AHEAD I DARE YOU TO GET ONE GREAT PHOTO. The WordPress Challenge easy by comparison.

"I got him now. Take the picture.""What do you mean, 'Hold still,' we are holding still."

It was love at first sight. The puppy would run after the girl and try to grab her cute frilly skirt. Then the girl would run after the puppy with the desire to hold him because he’s so cute.

Auntie Lee and her little niece hold still, puppy wiggles.

Give everyone credit for trying to capture the perfect golden photo moment. Everyone except the puppy. At ten weeks he just doesn’t understand the significance of a great photo. Watching him did make me really appreciate that children are not born with such capabilities of running fast!

"You're not fast enough. We gots to be moving, fast."

As you can see, this image was again captured on the fly. That pink shood right foot is already taking off. You’ll have to trust me on this, but my camera phone “wants,” no “needs,” or rather it “REQUIRES” something to be still for a least a second or two.

The nano second finally arrived that both were simultaneously still.

This DOES NOT qualify as a good photo. But at least it is nearly in focus and both are nearly still, sort of. After a half hour and dozens of attempts I finally figured it out. Let them play together for a couple of hours and they would both fall over asleep. Most of my best photos of the golden-haired girl are of her sleeping. Any other time she is in perpetual motion.

We're done with holding still. We're gonna go play now. Bye.

They are a busy, happy twosome. Unfortunately neither of them ever did tire out long enough to be still. Each kept the other going a full steam ahead the entire time.

So much for  little golden-haired girls and golden-colored puppies. So much for my golden opportunity for a photo shoot of pure gold. Maybe in a couple of years when they are both older and a little less excited. Then again maybe not.

I got up at 6:30 this morning and in my state it is past midnight.  I hope this doesn’t count as a failure to write a post on Friday. I started it on Friday and it is still not yet midnight in Hawaii. So please pretend I am in Hawaii.

It’ll look like I was double busy tomorrow. But really it is just one post a day.

G’ Nite,



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