Day 4 Fall

Colors of autumn at dusk. Autumn colors are all here; red, yellow, and some trees that are still green.A funny looking tree holds up the cloud mass.

I love fall. The colors of the leaves, the excitement of the clouds, the wind, I love it all. Since it has been a long day I am simply going to let you enjoy the colors I saw on my way home from work.

Yes I feel guilty about posting such a short blog today. I shouldn’t have spent time with my camera and then  downloading, and finally converting the big files to small ones to use in the blog. And really writing a thousand words would have taken less time. 

The sun dances and teases the clouds of fall.

But the say a picture is worth a thousand words so really this post is 6,128 words. So the time and effort are here. It is just the results are miniscule. Some days are like that. Today included a full day at work, bringing grandson home with us, visiting mom, cooking dinner and downloading a hundred pictures from my camera.

I hope to share some of my other images soon. Until tomorrow when I continue the Challenge to write a post a day this month, Good night.


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One response to “Day 4 Fall

  1. I had never seen a tree with leafs of such a color before!

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