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Day 23 Seasonal Sights

Today I am very excited to share with you my grandson’s photography. I was so thrilled when he sent it to me, I told him it is a photo a real photographer would be proud of. He got everything right. With that introduction, here is his photo of Sister with Pumpkin.

cr Oct 29, 2011. (Please do not share this without permission.)

Pumpkin Patch October 29, 2011



Little Sister is checking out the pumpkins. She was quite intrigued by this one because it was half green and half orange. It is a very rare occurrence  when the pumpkins are still green two days before Halloween.



Another strange site today was the amount of leave on the trees. Most years we have many hot, dry days in August, followed by warm to hot days in September, but by October the nights are cold and a frost or two has hastened the ripening of fall vegetables, and the turning of color and the falling of the leaves.

The weather pattern also explains our mild weather and the brightest colored fall I can remember. The leaves have hung on for weeks at a time. The rain last night and this morning did hasten the leaf drop, but our temperature was nearly 70 today. That may be a record for this time of year.

Because the weather was so warm Hubs and I took a short walk and captured a few of the sights. None of these photos have had any color correction or enhancement. If anything the colors are understated, but the beauty is unmistakable.

The Soft Golden and Tans of the Giant Big Leaf Maple




My favorite memory or Halloween (besides the candy of course) was the crisp crunch of the Big Leaf Maple leaves. They blanketed the sidewalks ankle-deep in the golden mounds. If we had had no rain they crunched and crinkled as we giggled our way from door to door.

Rain Drops Gathered on the Multi-Colored Oak Leaves


The oak leaves colors change continuously trough the season. They generally start at the top and work their way down. This tree was the opposite with the bright red leaves near the base of the tree. Unfortunately Hubs reminded me that we had lots to do, it was raining, we were getting wet, and we better get back to the car. So one quick last photo and we were on our way back.

My Favorite Native Vine Maple




The native Vine Maple remains my second favorite tree, second only to the Big Leaf maple. We mad sure to include them in our landscaping. They are beautiful year round. They are show stoppers in the fall as they go through a kaleidoscope  of colors before they finally fall quietly to earth.


The following photos showcase the amazing reflections in the Tualatin River. We cross this bridge twice a day in bumper to bumper traffic so I was lucky we crossed today  on a quiet lazy Sunday. Often I see Blue Heron or a White Egret silently sitting on a twig, watching for a meal to swim by. Other days a quiet couple will be paddling their canoe or a kayaker will glide silently down river. Some days the river looks wild with the wind whipping the surface and pelting it with rain.

On mild weather days the river offers up clear reflections showcasing the seasons. Todays photos reflect the soft colors of native fall foliage. The most common trees along the river are willow, alder, cottonwood, Big Leaf Maples and some blackberries. The predominant color of these species is yellow, soft golds and shades of tan.

The following three photos share our sights today.

Reflections in a Calm RiverOn the West Side of the Bridge Looking Upriver

Dead Tree - A Contrast to the Soft Foliage



I do hope you enjoyed a little peacefulness from my day.

So far I have managed a post a day. I know I can do the challenge of write a novel in a month. Tomorrow will be my last random daily post as I see if I am up to the big challenge and able to work, keep the house in order and finish the DIY before Thanksgiving.



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